Consulting Services

Consulting Rotator

One of our most under-utilized services! Relying on our years of experience and seeing both newly constructed as well as existing remodeled areas, we can help guide you away from costly errors and oversights concerning your projects.  Our recommendations are based on your needs and the industry standards you are trying to comply with.

Why take the chance on a new project before consulting with us concerning the HEPA filtration industry?  We have seen time after time, facilities rely on various contractors and engineers to build their new state of the art rooms or facilities only to find out, that when it comes time to certify the environment to current industry specifications, the facility fails terribly.

Our consultation fees are very reasonable when you consider the cost of an improperly installed or engineered facility.  We rely on our experiences and our industry involvement to help focus our clients on the primary end results.  We want a facility that is conducive to accurate testing and that will function as designed well beyond the initial installation.