Medical Gas Certification

Medical Gas Certification

Medical Gas Certification consists of a comprehensive inspection process using the NFPA 99C Gas and Vacuum Systems Verifications for new construction and renovations.

Air Safe, LLC provides medical gas certifications for healthcare facilities that are being built, renovated, or changing out any equipment to their medical gas systems. Technicians work intensely with the contractor, engineer, and facilities personnel to make certain the medical gas system is in compliance with current standards and to provide documentation of compliance.

Any time the medical gas system has been breached it shall be certified by an ASSE 6030 verifier, per NFPA 99.

Testing and Inspection of:
  • Medical Gas Source Systems –Bulk, Manifolds, Pumps, and Compressor Systems
  • Outlets, Valves, and Alarms
  • Particulate Analysis
  • Cross-connection and Labeling Verification
  • Flow and Pressure Testing
  • Proper Piping Configuration

Medical gas annual verification consists of a comprehensive annual inspection process in accordance with the NFPA 99 Medical Gas Verifications.

The annual inspection for an existing healthcare facility can be performed to verify that the medical gas and vacuum systems throughout the facility are working properly and to identify any safety concerns within the facilities medical gas and vacuum systems. All inspections are completed using NFPA 99 and ASSE 6000 in order to validate compliance with today’s standards and provide documentation of compliance.

The medical gas piped systems, alarms, and sources should be retested on an annual basis per NFPA 99.

We can calculate your air change rate using traditional methods as well as more accurately measuring air changes with the use of tracer gas. This method allows for us to pinpoint problem areas within a room concerning airflows.